Kumanovo with no drinking water for six days, general hospital patients sent to Skopje


Kumanovo residents are still forced to buy their own drinking water. Officials from the Public Enterprise Water Supply and citizens are waiting for the last result of the samples from the Center for Public Health so that the results can be announced. Legal deadlines are decisive and three consecutive analyzes of samples from different locations are required. The recommendations of the authorities are to boil the water and use it as a technical solution until the final confirmation from the Center for Public Health.

According to the legal procedures, we should receive the results of the three subsequent analyzes of the samples taken from ten locations around the city by 2 p.m. tomorrow, said the director of PE Water Supply and Sewage, Oliver Stojmanovski.

The Kumanovo General Hospital informs that until they receive the final results for the water, the patients will be sent to Skopje clinics and hospitals.

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