Despotovski: SDSM needs a leader, not bargaining


Participation in the race for SDSM party leader must not be seen as a chance to acquire capital, which will then be “bargained” for a better position in the party. With this initiative, each candidate will waive the use of the received support in advance, i.e. capital in negotiations and will put all of it, that is, return it to the full disposal of the party. With this initiative, we contribute to restoring the confidence of our members in the electoral process and ensure that the focus is on the programs and concept of work of the candidates.

“The leader of SDSM must be responsible to the members, not to different structures and lobby groups. The party team must be placed vertically by the members because every intra-party competition means success and moving on a ladder, not driving on a horizontal road,” said the TIDZ director Jovan Despotovski from the ranks of SDSM, who announced that he will be running for SDSM party leader.


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