High school graduates that cheated will take the Macedonian language exam again


All those tests that are determined to have been copied will be invalid and the high school graduates will have to re-take it. This year, that rule will be implemented for the first time. In years past, the cheaters only received a score reduction, but their test remained valid. According to the data of the State Examination Center, in previous years there were also a large number of students who cheated on their tests and received zero points, and most of them were in English.

“If we, as employees of the State Examination Center, have been working under such stress for fifteen years that we have criminal responsibility, then I am absolutely in favor of all other stakeholders in the process being responsible. I think that they should also take responsibility”, says the director of the State Examination Center Biljana Mihajlovska.

The director of the Orce Nikolov high school believes that the blame should not be sought only with the students but also with the observers, who in all schools should be up to the task. But he also blames a poor system that does not pay observers and demotivates them.

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