The ‘Smart Bins’ of the teacher from Kavadarci awarded for innovation in Italy


In a competition of 120 participants from 31 countries, at the largest education fair in the Italian city of Florence, Kavadarci’s school teacher Dimitrija Angelkov is awarded the Innovative EcoMod, through smart bins to ethical skills development. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering and works as a professor in the electromechanical high school. MIA has revealed that she is guided by the idea that we work for money, but we live for recognition.

– “Didacta” is a fair that presents practical solutions that advance the education system. The work I did was to protect the environment by raising awareness from the earliest years, to acquire habits for proper waste selection. Smart bins have proven to be an effective method of motivating people from the youngest to the oldest to participate in the selection of the waste they produce themselves, as well as the waste of others, the professor explained.

He added that this method allows waste that is scattered everywhere to motivate users to collect it and put it in these smart bins and get points and then points and rewards.

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