The government schedules elections because it has lost its legitimacy


This government thought it would get a date for EU negotiations without reforms, and there were a number of scandals that could not be overlooked. After that, the government lost its legitimacy, called elections, and faced a new problem that will be promised to the citizens because they have changed their name and have not received a date, says analyst Vladimir Bozinovski.

He added that this is also the way the name was changed in the Assembly, the way the referendum was conducted. And the way the referendum was arranged, the negotiations themselves, and all that was covered by a violation of the Constitution, a violation of the Rules of Procedure. Here is the law on bilingualism as it passed. So there was a serious intrusion on the Constitution and the laws. And the Constitution and laws are the basis for the functioning of the state.

“If the one who has enacted the Constitution and the laws does not respect them, then what can the ordinary citizen say? And it was all thrown on the date-by-date map. Forget about everything else. Everything was focused on the date and now that we didn’t get the date, we simply lost the reason for the current government. They lost their legitimacy, relied on all their legitimacy to rule and based their decisions on that date,” Bozinovski said.

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