Raskovski assures that Vice and Trajce Zaev will start a business that is unprofitable


Zoran Zaev and Dragi Raskovski are way over their heads. They are so involved in crime and corruption, the only thing missing is helicopters. It is shameful and sad. There is no milder expression to describe Zaev and Raskovski’s attitude towards the media, the citizens and their own state. They lie to journalists and the public that the firm, which is 24 days old before the tender was announced, had in fact competed for a monopoly business to avoid any loss, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev said at a press conference today.

“Had it not been for Zaev and Raskovski as it is in fairy tales, and their private partner to want to help without making any profit, they would not have had a briefing without cameras, but would have come out at a press conference and said the details of the deal. Zaev cannot be trusted even when he says “I swear in my marijuana business”. So we look for answers. How will a partner charge 9m euros a year or 72m euros in 8 years? And how many tolls will be set aside for this project? Does Rashkovski’s mention of the green card mean that he is in the game of profit? What are the other innovative methods of charging 9 million euros?” Janushev asked.

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