Anti-Corruption to investigate why Zaev’s adviser Zafirovski has a bank account abroad


Following an anonymous report on the unlawful opening of a bank account abroad by Ljupco Zafirovski, Prime Minister for European Integration, the Anti-Corruption Commission has opened a case and requests the Foreign Exchange Inspectorate at the Ministry of Finance to check whether it is legal to open an account abroad.

Anticorruption has determined that Zaev’s adviser has opened a transactional account in Serbia where the money from the contract for hiring external collaborators lies. Zafirovski as an advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office receives 1,200 euros a month. He is engaged as an external advisor in the process of integrating and assisting the Government’s strategic priorities and commitments for accession to the European Union. The contract was concluded in December last year, and ends in December this year.

Apart from the account in Serbia, the Commission of Anticorruption found that he had three accounts in the domestic banks as well, asking why the Secretary General of the Government did not become suspicious when Zafirovski demanded that the remuneration be paid to another country.

The law allows for accounts abroad to be held by individuals who have a three-month permanent residence in another country, which Zafirovski did not report or in the case of dual citizenship.

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