Spasovski: The caretaker government must take place on January 3


Oliver Spasovski, who is set to be appointed as prime minister of the caretaker government on Friday Asked whether there was a possibility for the current proposal for caretaker interior minister, put forward by VMRO-DPMNE, to be backed, the Minister stated that the Constitution had to be respected ‘no matter what.’

“The government will take office once its members are elected, which should take place on Jan. 3, because the election has to be held on April 12,” Spasovski said.

He said he hoped the opposition would propose a new candidate for the top post at the Ministry of the Interior.

“I believe they (the opposition) will put forward a new candidate in order to form this caretaker government together ahead of the April election. We are prepared to continue working with the same dynamic and commitment in the period leading up to the election, because the country cannot afford reforms to be stalled,” Spasovski told reporters Wednesday during a visit to Tetovo.

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