Law changes against corruption in urban planning


Easier solutions in the area of ​​urban planning, overcoming the corrupting influences in this area, introducing regional urban inspectors, enables the new Urban Planning Law, which was unanimously passed in Parliament on Monday, and will come into force next May.

The law sets a deadline for the suspension of a plan no longer than a year, and during that period the body should adopt a new plan. The inspection supervision and competences of the State Construction and Urban Planning Inspectorate (DIGU) are strengthened by the introduction of regional urban inspectors. This will enable DIGU to oversee the plans, and this has not been done so far, Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski said at a press conference today.

Sugareski explained that the law will meet the needs of municipalities and simplify the procedures for adopting plans, especially for urban plans for villages.

“We are making the procedures more transparent for the citizens, with the competent authority publicly announcing the planning program on the municipal website at the very beginning of the procedure for adopting any plan. In order to ensure inclusiveness, participation and publicity in urban planning we arrange for a public survey to last at least 30 days up to a maximum of 90 days. Furthermore, the institution that adopts the plan is obligatory to form a body that will include all stakeholders and stakeholders from the local community, it has the right to debate and can influence the planning decisions and spatial development policies in the municipality”, said Sugareski.

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