Young people leave because of the suppression of justice and Zaev’s obscure deals


Young people are leaving the country because of the suppressing of justice, because of those obscure deals between Zoran Zaev and all those judges and prosecutors who we see day by day as being in close touch with the SDSM leader, said Jovan Jauleski, president of the Union of the VMRO-DPMNE Youth Forces, who was a guest on the TV program “Click Plus” on TV 21.

According to him, young people cannot be deceived by some stories about the European Union and NATO while facing the crime that SDSM seeks to silence and not be held accountable.

He emphasized that the Union of Youth Forces is the largest political offspring in the Republic of Macedonia, and at the same time a large family whose aim is to work for a better future of the youth in the Republic of Macedonia.

Regarding the MP lists that are currently in place, Jauleski pointed out that the MPs will be revealed to the public sometime around March 10, although in-party polls and measurements of the credibility of some potential MPs are still ongoing.

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