DUI’s plan on how to implement the idea of ​​an Albanian prime minister


DUI and its leader Ali Ahmeti have no intention of withdrawing their application for the first Albanian prime minister. Despite the nurturing and firm views of the two contenders for the post of Prime Minister, SDSM and VMRO DPMNE leaders Zaev and Mickoski will not accept such a condition from the DUI MPs in the government negotiations, but DUI is firmly convinced that the idea is feasible.

And, as it could be realized, it seems that one of the ways was revealed last night by Deputy Prime Minister and senior DUI official Bujar Osmani in an interview with Channel 5.

According to Osmani, DUI is convinced that the results of the July 15 vote will be similar to those in the 2016 elections, after which SDSM and VMRO DPMNE had approximately the same number of MPs, but not enough to form a government on their own without Ahmeti’s MPs. none of the Macedonian parties would have a majority of 61 MPs.

“Such are the predictions that DUI will be the key factor for the government… First we have three candidates; we all aspire for a mandate. In 2016, Gruevski won first, failed, got Zaev, he could have failed, the third would have been Ahmeti to get the mandate from the president to form a government. That can happen now, and there is nothing disputable here, “Osmani said in an interview.
DUI seems quite convinced that its, as they say, supra-party candidate Naser Ziberi will be the new prime minister.

“We have not been in politics since yesterday to promise something we cannot fulfill,” Osmani said.

Subtitle – Bozinovski: Zaev accepted the Tirana platform, it would not be surprising if he accepted Albanian Prime Minister

Some political analysts believe that there is reason for DUI to believe that their demand for an Albanian prime minister would materialize. Vladimir Bozinovski, a political analyst at the Institute for Political Research in Skopje, believes that despite SDSM leader’s firm stance, Zaev will not accept the DUI ultimatum and will not negotiate with them for a new government coalition leaves room for a reversal in the attitude of the leader of the Social Democrats.

“In the last elections, DUI had a condition that it was the Tirana platform and they had no problem accepting that. So I would not be surprised if they are able to form a government and need DUI to accept this condition. “I do not believe that a minority government will be formed after this election.”

As a reminder, DUI’s main condition for supporting the formation of a government after the 2016 elections was the Law on Languages, part of a document called the Tirana Platform, backed by all Albanian parties. This condition was the reason why VMRO DPMNE and DUI failed to agree on forming a government, after which the mandate for government was given to Zaev.

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