Details for early retirement to be determined


Women will be able to retire early at 57 and men at 59, but with a lower pension according to the law prepared by the Government and which is expected to enter into force after the New Year.

According to the announcements, the solution will give the workers the opportunity to retire five years earlier. It is still too early to say what percentage of the pensions of these people will be reduced and how much compensation they will have to pay to the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, say the Fund. It will depend on how many more years they have until the mandatory old-age pension, i.e. up to 62 and 64 years, when they will receive the full amount of the pension.

According to PDIF data, the five-year early retirement covers 52,000 employees, of which 28,000 are men and 23,000 are women.

The possibility of early retirement is acceptable to both businessmen and the Confederation of Free Trade Unions (KSS).


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