Dr. Zan Mitrev: Filan chose the wrong path and he will be held responsible


Dr. Zan Mitrev said his son Filan, who was charged with terrorism in a Frankfurt court, had lived in Germany and had had no contact with him in recent years. Dr. Mitrev believes that his son Filan chose the wrong path and he should be held responsible for it.

“While he was a minor, I tried to help him as much as possible from a distance of 2,000 kilometers. But he chose the wrong way and the contact was cut off 6 years ago. He is now 25 years old and if he violated the law he will bear the responsibility. I am very sorry that as a young man with all the possibilities, he chose the most horrible and most meaningless path in his life,” Mitrev said.

According to German media, Filan Mitrev (24) along with two other Turkish citizens was arrested in November of last year. The three men, according to the public prosecutor’s office, have been identified as “supporters of the ISIS terrorist militia”.

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