Zaev, Shekerinska, Dimitrov, Osmani to resign because they put all of the country’s fortune on the negotiating table


Artist Kole Manev in his interview on the “Shto ne e jasno” show said that Zaev, Dimitrov, Shekerinska and Osmani should immediately resign from their positions because they put the national, historical values ​​or the entire fortune of the countryon the negotiating table.

“I think that if there is a shred of humanity in these people, Zaev, Dimitrov, Shekerinska, and now I see Osmani included as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and if they love the country, they should resign. In my opinion, a caretaker, professional government should be formed because they have proven to be incompetent in this country. You cannot put all the national values, historical values, all the fortune, tradition, culture that is on the table of one country, and on the other hand they say we will get a date for EU accession negotiations. What if we do not get it, said artist Manev on the TV show.

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