Misajlovski: Getting citizenship with three witness statements is unacceptable


The law on citizenship was passed at the last session and it is good that some of your SDSM coalition do not agree with this law. And that’s good you know because three witnesses from anywhere can tell about someone and he to take Macedonian citizenship. The order is changing, that is why this is not a good law and that is why the citizens should know that this law has not been passed. That law must be fundamentally changed. We will give many amendments and I hope we will change the text together, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Vlado Misajlovski at today’s parliamentary session.

He pointed out that the fast-track procedures for passing laws are doing great harm to everyone.

“You know what will happen, many people from many different parts will get citizenship. Everything will change, the whole order. Many quick mistakes are made with your quick actions. I hope we will get support and I hope for support because we will have phantom parties, phantom parties, phantom voters. I do not dispute that some should get citizenship, but there should be a well-established and clear procedure,” Misajlovski said.

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