While Zaev is riding around on motorcycles worth EUR 30.000, tobacco farmers announce protests for the unpurchased tobacco


Zaev caused a tobacco crisis. Tobacco remains unpurchased. There is a serious danger that huge quantities of tobacco could not be sold at all, says VMRO-DPMNE.

The party stresses that 1 kg of tobacco is sold at a price of 1 box of cigarettes.

“The misery that tobacco farmers live in is because of Zoran Zaev, who allowed the import of tobacco and thus reduced the price of domestic tobacco. The government has been lying to tobacco growers for months. Zaev does not want to find a solution to the problem of tobacco farmers. If Zaev wanted a solution in favor of the tobacco farmers, he would not have allowed the import at all, and he would have been sitting with the buyers since the spring, when we alerted for the first time that there would be a problem with the purchase. Now there is only one solution proposed by VMRO-DPMNE, 100% increase in the subsidy per kilogram of delivered tobacco. Everything else will be smudging the eyes and lying to the tobacco growers. That is why the tobacco farmers are announcing a protest because they see that Zaev is lying,” reads the VMRO-DPMNE statement.

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