Curfew from midnight to 4 a.m. as of Thursday


The Government decided on Tuesday to shorten the COVID-19 curfew as of Thursday, i.e. the curfew will begin at midnight and last until 4 am on the next day. The measure is valid until May 18.

As of Wednesday, restaurants, bars and coffeehouses with outdoor seating are allowed to work until 11:30 pm and fitness centers also reopen.

Moreover, health care workers are allowed to take days off work. Also, day care centers and preschools are allowed to increase the number of children in a class from 15 to 20.

Events are to be held in line with public health protection protocols, with audiences limited to 30 percent of the venue’s capacity.

Based on the latest Ministry of Health reports, the Coordination Crisis Headquarters has proposed to the Government to shorten the curfew.

Due to reduced number of coronavirus patients, several COVID centers in Skopje and across the country have been closed as of Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Health said in a press release.

Since the onset of the epidemic, North Macedonia has registered 154,371 confirmed coronavirus cases, while 139,266 patients have recovered. Death toll has reached 5,151. At the moment, there are 9,955 active cases across the country.

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