Gruevski: The highest interest of Macedonia right now is to have a strong and powerful VMRO-DPMNE


On the eve of VMRO-DPMNE’s 31st anniversary, as its former longtime leader through many victories and successes, I congratulate all party members on their party birthday, wrote former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on Facebook.

He adds that VMRO-DPMNE over the years, since its formation has been the bearer of the greatest social and economic changes, reforms and progress of Macedonia.

“The 181,000 members VMRO-DPMNE had at the time when I left its helm were the carriers of change and progress. The strength of VMRO-DPMNE is in its members, and the supporters who helped us drive the push our independence, to reform the country and to make it successful, but also protected Macedonia through its many difficult moments, ” Gruevski said.

“Macedonia is today under a mafia Government which is undermining Macedonian economy, controls the judiciary and directs its most minute decisions, decides who will be persecuted, when and how that will be broadcast through the many news outlets it controls. It sells out our national interests and is driven by crime and corruption. Therefore, the highest interest of Macedonia right now is to have a strong and powerful VMRO-DPMNE. Its strength is in all members and supporters, all activists, all diaspora members who want a more successful and prosperous Macedonia,” former PM Gruevski said in his statement.

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