Constitutional Court to install signs in Albanian language


 Dobrila Kacarska, the newly elected President of the Constitutional Court, said in the “Trilling” show that a warning has been received in this court instance to place signs in accordance with the Law on the Application of Languages.

“The legislature passes the laws, and the citizens are obliged to obey the laws. Penalties follow, do I have to pay 5,000 euros. It’s not just about money, but it would make me feel ashamed. I have not been punished for a misdemeanor, and I have been driving for 18 years. A warning has been received in the Constitutional Court, because the signs have not been changed. There is no system for electronic registration of employees in the Constitutional Court, which is a legal obligation. Procurement is ongoing with this system. Everything that is missed, I will do, regardless of whether my rating will decrease or increase with that,” said Kacarska.

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