Andonovski: Macedonia must not make new concessions, negotiations with Sofia must not go beyond the Macedonian “red lines”


The situation in Macedonia is catastrophic and it does not work like this anymore, it is up to us to start changing things. The country is run by a mafia that sells Macedonian national interests. That should stop and until the EU decides on the start of negotiations, we should finish our homework, which this government obviously can not do, said the member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, Stefan Andonovski at today’s forum organized by VMRO -DPMNE in Sveti Nikole on the topic of foreign policy.

Andonovski stressed that the negotiations with Bulgaria must no longer continue in this way as they are conducted, i.e. they must not encroach on the Macedonian national red lines, and it remains for the EU whether it will allow such attitude towards Macedonia in the future.

“The EU should decide whether it will accept us and the decision they should make, but Macedonia must no longer and will not make concessions, Macedonia will no longer have anything to give,” Andonovski said.

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