Policy promotions, Macedonia for all people, starts from Gazi Baba


Promotions of policies, measures and values… what needs to be done, what is the path to a better life and Macedonia for all people, will be explained at policy promotions that will start today at 8 pm on the square in Gazi Baba.

Measures to be taken by the central government, policies that will contribute to a drastic improvement of the lives of the citizens. A new concept that is part of Macedonia for all people, announced VMRO DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on the party’s anniversary.

“Our slogan is “Macedonia for all people”. We will achieve this new political strategy through our policies, which we will explain and announce. POLICIES FOR ALL PEOPLE! We will talk about the foundations of our solutions that we will offer. What are the basic principles through which we will recover the economy. That law must prevail in order to have an economy, that we need real support for innovation, small and medium business. To invest in know-how, to make effective and efficient cooperation with the business community in the interest of all citizens normally, to fight for every single job and to create tens of thousands of new jobs; artificial intelligence, robotics, knowledge transfer, these are the patriots of the 21st century,“ said Mickoski at the anniversary of the party’s formation.

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