Zaev on ‘Open Balkan’:  While we wait for the EU to decide, we have to work


While we wait the EU to decide, there’s no dilemma that we work and we build friendship, to remove all administrative obstacles and barriers, all with the ultimate goal of bringing greater prosperity to our people, our economy, trade, exports, because that brings greater GDP, economic standard, jobs, etc., said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

“I am glad that Serbia and Albania are focused just like us, we are centrally located between these two countries, we are open to Kosovo and BiH, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria. Why, if we don’t have to wait at the border, let’s not do it. Why not do it if we can handle summer firefighting, earthquakes, floods and any other disasters? if we can choose in the region where we will work or who will come to work, in order to provide a qualified workforce, why should we not do that,” said Zaev.

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