After Várhelyi’s call, the Skopje prison allowed Jan Figel to visit Kamchev in his cell


Former EU Commissioner and Special Envoy for Human Rights Jan Figel, who today the prison management did not allow him to enter the Skopje prison, after asking for permission to visit the cell of businessman Jordan Kamchev, still succeeded in his intention.

Unpleasantly surprised by the prison authorities, Figel spoke with the Minister of Justice Bojan Maricic, and then with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi, who is visiting Skopje today. It was only after a telephone conversation with Várhelyi that diplomat Figel received permission to visit Kamchev.

According to well-informed sources, the news portal writes that the former EU Commissioner was rejected without a specific explanation, with a confusing answer to his request by Judge Ilija Trpkov and with vague explanations by the responsible persons at the doors of the Skopje prison.

Figel, along with Kamchev’s lawyer Toni Menkinoski, did not receive an explanation why his request for a visit was rejected. Jan Figel’s experience also includes direct involvement and handling of cases of political prisoners in Iran, Cuba, Sudan and Pakistan. He will also monitor the case of the businessman Kamcev.

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