Member of the Historical Commission with Bulgaria resigns – Zaev puts pressure on the sale of identity!


Professor VanchoGjorgjiev, a member of the Joint Commission with Bulgaria, publicly announced on Friday that he is leaving the work of the Commission.

This is a part of his statement to the public:

I’m resigning from the work in the Joint Multidisciplinary Expert Commission for Historical and Educational Issues between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria, and the decision is motivated by the following circumstances:

  1. Recently, there have been open attempts for political influence on the work of the Commission, which culminated during the first working day (October 21, 2021) at the XV regular meeting through direct interference in the professional work by a senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  2. In such circumstances, under the influence of the double leadership in the Macedonian part of the Commission, the established principles for consensual decision-making on all issues were deviated from; whereby the agreement reached at the coordination meeting on 20.10.2021 was not respected;
  3. I emphasize that the draft-ideas prepared and exchanged, adopted and exchanged on Thursday by the Macedonian part of the Commission for recommendations for textbooks for VII grade for Macedonian textbooks, are without my consent;
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