Petkov: We should also discuss business, not just history


Kiril Petkov, co-president of We Continue the Change coalition that won the Bulgarian parliamentary elections, said in an interview for BNT that Bulgaria and North Macedonia should form work groups not only consisting of historians but also people from the spheres of business, culture and education.

According to MIA’s Sofia correspondent, Petkov said these work groups wouldn’t discuss history only, but focus on anything that could improve bilateral ties between North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Petkov said it wasn’t right that people from Skopje had to book flights through Vienna to reach Sofia and that there was no rail service between the two countries. Also, he said, it wasn’t right it was easier for Bulgarian businesses to operate in Australia than in North Macedonia.

“We should start talking about all aspects of good-neighborly relations that would benefit from this future cooperation,” Petkov said.

He said the work groups should have clear goals and meet once a month as opposed to once every six months.

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