Gjorchev: Government conducts foreign policy loosely and clumsily


It was clear that there would be no date for the start of Macedonia’s negotiations with the EU. This can be seen through a series of indicators, and instead of our people preparing and thinking about how to unite the institutions, all stakeholders in the country and build a common position, everything is being done here, not just what is needed, said Marjan Gjorcev, former Macedonian Ambassador to Bulgaria in an interview with Alfa TV.

According to Gjorchev, the current Government is completely unprepared.

“The whole process of managing foreign policy is done loosely and clumsily. We have people, but their capacities are not used. Instead, a method was set up, we will sign an agreement and half of it will be easy, but it turned out that it is not like that at all,” Gjorchev said.

The Government also showed a misunderstanding of the negotiation process and in that context no analysis was made of the problem between Macedonia and Bulgaria.

“The problems between the two countries were pushed under the rug instead of being solved and now we see what is happening,” Gjorchev said.

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