Bulgarian ruling parties distance themselves from Trifonov’s views on Macedonia


The three parties in the ruling coalition in Bulgaria – We Continue the Change, BSP and Democratic Bulgaria have strongly condemned the position of the leader of the There Is Such a People movement Slavi Trifonov on relations with Macedonia.

Trifonov said on Monday that Bulgaria will lift its veto against Macedonia’s EU accession talks if it is made part of the Schengen regime and if the US lift their visa regime against Bulgaria.

Andrey Gurov, president of We Continue the Change, stressed that Bulgaria has a clear position on relations with Macedonia.

“Our position is very clear. We have a strategy on how to lead the talks – to lead them on a much more intense, broader level, and not just in the direction of the historical past. And so they help bring our positions closer in line with the 2017 Friendship and Good Neighborliness Treaty. This is the position of the coalition and of the ‘We continue the Change’. These things should not be related to each other. This does not work at the international level – to link one decision to another,” Gurov said.

The co-chair of Democratic Bulgaria Atanas Atanasov, described Trifonov’s comment as a “special irony”. According to him, the fall in visas for the United States is irrelevant and things should not be set that way, but he generally does not see anything wrong with Trifonov’s statement.

“North Macedonia’s membership in the EU is an important issue for Bulgaria. We must take this issue seriously and protect our national interests. Let’s implement the agreements,” Atanasov said, pointing out that Democratic Bulgaria does not support Trifonov’s idea.

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