Protest of police trade unions and teachers for balancing salaries with minimum wage


The Police Union of Macedonia (SPM) and the Independent Trade Union of Education and Science (NSON) on Saturday protested in front of the Government and demanded harmonization of salaries in the education and police sectors with the amount of the minimum wage, in accordance with collective agreements. The participants of the protest gathered in front of the Vip Hotel from where they headed in front of the Government building.

They asked the police union to increase the value of the point from 27 denars to 62 denars.

The Secretary General of the NSP Orce Kocevski said that although they submitted requests to the Government to solve the problems faced by the police officers, they received a notification that they were forwarded to the Minister of Interior, who, as he pointed out, ‘ignores us for 2.5 years’.

The Independent Trade Union for Education and Science pointed out the problem with the non-harmonized minimum wage in the education sector and announced that they will continue with mass protests if the problem with the salaries is not solved.

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