The property of “Treska” has nothing to do with the bankrupt workers


Bankrupt workers from the former furniture factory “Treska” who demand payment of contributions for a period of 18 months and payment of arrears for a period of two years, have nothing to do with the property of the factory.
We, the owners of private plots of property at the former factory “Treska”, want to remind the public that there is no property in the bankruptcy estate of “Treska”, nor have we bought property from this bankruptcy estate. Hence, we categorically reject the thesis that the bankrupt workers have any connection with the property of the factory and that we as its owners have an obligation to pay their debts.
As a reminder, a 20-year lawsuit was filed over the location, after which most of the property, 92%, belonged to one person through denationalization, while only 8% entered the bankruptcy estate, from which part of the employees were compensated. Only employees of “Treska mebel” received payment of funds and seniority, while those who worked in the other seven companies of the company “Treska” did not receive any funds. The reason for this is that the companies were formed by “Treska mebel”, but without any property.
Therefore, for all answers, ambiguities and fulfillment of workers’ rights, we direct the bankruptcy workers to ask the institutions and the bankruptcy trustee who made the sale of this former industrial force.

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