PHOTO | Minister Spasovski faced with banners “You hid the murder of a child for three days” in Delchevo


During his visit to Delchevo on Saturday, Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski was greeted with banners “You hid the murder of a child for three days”, “Stolen weapons from the police station in broad daylight”, etc.

This rage of the citizens comes after numerous scandals in recent years that shake the Ministry of Interior, led by Spasovski and the completely lost trust of the ministry, and the culmination was the murder of Croatian handball player Denis Tot, which according to the media was an attempt to cover up.

The trust in the state institutions, since SDSM came to power, has dropped to the lowest possible level, and especially in the judicial system, which has barely eight percent trust among the citizens, which is a clear sign that Macedonia has not moved in the right direction in recent years, and is confirmed by relevant international institutions that qualify as a “hybrid regime”.

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