Mickoski: Municipal bonds will help implement projects, but will also revive the stock market and its liquidity


Several municipalities are already in the phase, it will stimulate the liquidity of the stock market itself, because there will be great interest from the citizens as well, indeed the conditions are of exceptional quality, it is another source of additional finances to be able to realize what was promised in the campaign, that is, to improve the quality of life of citizens, which is our main goal as a people’s party. Shtip is already in the most advanced stage, there are several other municipalities that are a little behind, but it is a matter of days, I would say when they will also complete the formal procedure, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, at a statement to the media from the field office visit to Kavadarci.
Mickoski also announced the green bond that will be issued by the Municipality of Aerodrom, whose funds will be used to improve the energy efficiency of the public facilities managed by the municipality.
“VMRO-DPMNE has always been a party that innovates, even now in these difficult conditions when the Government uses all means to obstruct the municipalities, to harm them, to stop their development by punishing the citizens, because they did not vote for them. SDSM candidates, we still find a way to deal with all this and succeed in realizing projects. I shall remind you that in the report we mentioned the implementation of capital projects in excess of 7 billion denars, that is much more than what the government has fully realized with the state budget, so I am talking to you as a greenfield, I am not talking about funds, as they document them as capital investments, because 70-80% are services, that is, consulting contracts, etc,” Mickoski pointed out.

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