Albanian policed prevented smuggling of hashish that should have ended up on the Macedonian drug market


The Albanian police from the city of Pogradec arrested three people on Thursday, after a total of 58 kilograms of hashish were found in the suspects’ vehicle, which were supposed to end up on the Macedonian drug market.

The arrested are a 17-year-old boy M.K., as well as Likend Basha (30), both from Kruja, and Erisa Fero (28), a resident of Tirana, and also an employee of the National Agency for Information Society.

Two more people are suspected as collaborators in this narcotics network, the police are searching for them. They are suspected to have ordered the drugs.

This is the thirteenth successful action of the Albanian police from this region in the suppression of drug smuggling in the direction of the Macedonian territory, which is part of the “Restart” action started in November 2021.

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