“TNT” case: The Judicial Council will check the family ties between judge Stavrev and expert Grchev


The “TNT” case, where Judge Ognen Stavrev and expert witness Miroslav Grchev have family ties, will be checked by the Judicial Council. In the New Year, this is one of the procedures, where the members of the Council will determine the judge’s preference for the expert testimony, which proved that the “Cosmos” building is not an illegal construction and, at the same time, refuted 36 court verdicts. The checks will be done through a visit to the court and inspection of the entire case.

“The Judicial Council reached a conclusion at a session, that starting January 1, 2023, it will visit all courts and inspect cases,” the Judicial Council told A1on.

The familial ties between Stavrev and Grchev became official a month after the judge pronounced the first-instance verdict for the TNT case. Stavrev accepted the expert report as relevant and appreciated it in the verdict, although there were a number of remarks from the defendants, including that Grchev was biased because he previously performed expert reports for the damaged Fiat Canoski.

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