This year SDS and DUI officials were focused on personal gain, the public discovered that they hid secret properties, haciendas, houses and apartments, says opposition  


 Tache (Dimitar Kovachevski) and Ali (Ahmeti)  had a year with 365 scandals. The past year was a year of impoverishment of the citizens, collapse of the economy, energy, education, health, agriculture on the one hand and the personal gain of the official elite in power, opposition party VMRO-DPMNE said on Friday.

One of the biggest scandals of this year is the Secret Assets affair, which disclosed that 123 state officials, directors and heads of institutions and commissions did not declare property worth 30 million euros, even though it was their legal obligation. They own houses, apartments, vacation homes, cars and business premises that they hid from the public and did not report to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

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