Stoilkovski: Indicator of what the fight against corruption is like is the six-month silence of the SCPC about the wasteful spending of over MKD 2 million in the Gazi Baba Municipality


Let me remind the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) that it has been exactly six months since the new municipal government in Gazi Baba in June submitted a complaint to the SCPC about the waste of over two million denars, an affair that I brought up on a press conference already in October for journalists and experts for social media as well as a production team who spent over two million denars and have not submitted any report on what has been done nor has any video material submitted, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski in an interview with TV Alfa’s political show.

The opposition spokesperson pointed out that six months have passed since then and there is no result for this case, which is neither trivial nor small, and offered an indication of what the fight against corruption in Macedonia is like.

“Hired without any report and took over 1 million denars was Bojan Kordalov, a social media expert, Ljubisha Stankovikj and Santa Argirova took over 347 thousand denars, the director Tomislav Zivkovikj over 278 thousand denars in contracts in an election year signed by the former mayor of Gazi Baba, Boris Georgievski,” Stoilkovski said.


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