Dzhambazki in Skopje: I will not allow denationalization of Bulgarians in Macedonia


The Bulgarian MEP and co-president of VMRO-BND Angel Dzhambazki attended today in Skopje the commemoration of the 95th death anniversary of the Macedonian revolutionary Mara Buneva, during which flowers were laid on her memorial on the Vardar quay.

Dzhambazki, speaking through a megaphone, addressed hundreds of supporters of Buneva’s work, who came to pay their respects.

“I am here to support the Bulgarians. I will not let them continue the policy of genocide ordered by the Comintern. I will not allow continued denationalization of the Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia,” Dzhambazki said his speech, which is only part of his constant provocations towards the Macedonian state.

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