With Spasovski’s tender granted to a company owned by his close friend, the MoI pays for more expensive food than last year, policemen are served dry food and canned goods, says Chulev


We continue revealing new details of the two contracts of almost 13 million euros, which the company Industry Service signed with Spasovski’s Ministry of Interior. Millions of euros are flowing from the budget of the Ministry of the Interior, and police officers and employees of the Ministry of the Interior will receive food that is far from the standards and their needs, Nakje Chulev from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE said at a press conference on Monday.

“With the two tenders of almost 13 million euros, which are for a period of 36 months, annually Industry Service can charge almost 4.5 million euros on average. The Ministry of Interior spent only 3.3 million euros on food procurement last year,” said Chulev, adding that most of the food is dry and produced by other producers and not cooked food from Industry Service.

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