H. About 200 companies will pay a solidarity tax, Kovachyevski expects to collect EUR 80 million


About 200 companies that made over 10 million euros in profit will be covered by the so-called solidarity tax, and the amount expected to be received from this contribution is 80 million euros, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said on Friday.
The legal solution is already in the parliamentary procedure, and Kovachevski expects to be supported by the MPs. Kovachevski also does not consider, as he stated, that there will be any evasion of this solidarity tax because these are respectable companies, established on the domestic market.
“The legal solution refers to the extra profit. The profit of the last year is compared with the average of the previous years and that part which is higher by 20 percent is taxed at the rate of 30 percent. All companies included in the section of the legal provisions normally have to show this tax in their tax balances at the end of the accounting period,” said PM Kovachevski, asked after the visit to “Vitalia”.

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