Government has spent over EUR 2 million for mowing grass and trimming trees on the road belt, says Nikoloski


More than two million euros for mowing grass and trimming trees on the road belt, the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleskandar Nikoloski wrote on social media on Wednesday.
As Nikoloski said, the Macedonia Roads Public Enterprise has signed an agreement with another company for 25 times cheaper prices for the service of mowing grass and trees on the road belt than the price of the company whose value reaches over 2 million euros. Or, if Macedonia Roads provided a company to cut the trees and mow the grass for 0.46 denars per m2, the new company from Kichevo charges 12 denars per m2 for the JPDP tender. That is, the contract of Macedonia Roads, which is still valid, amounts to 1 million euros for two years, and the new contract of the state-owned company amounts to almost 2.5 million euros. That’s 1.5 million euros more!

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