MPs to return to work on Wednesday


After the Easter holidays, MPs should return to work on Wednesday, and the next plenary session, according to the Parliament’s website, is scheduled for April 19, and until the end of the month, only one more session is scheduled for April 27, which is dedicated to parliamentary issues.

On the agenda of the 111th session, which should be held on Wednesday, there are 33 items, among which draft decisions to amend the decisions on the election of the president and members of the committees of the Assembly, the Commission on Elections and Appointments, the Committee on Relations between communities and the National Council for European Integration.

MPs should also consider the Draft Amendments to the Law on Vehicles, the Draft Amendments to the Law on the Public Revenue Administration and the Law on Interoperability in the Railway System.

At this plenary session, there are proposed amendments to the Electoral Code, submitted by the Levica party, as well as two proposed amendments to the Law on Subsidized Student Meals, one of which was submitted by SDSM MPs, and the other by VMRO-DPMNE MPs.



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