ESM needed EUR 200 million for the heating season, Kovachevski makes a cocktail party as if launching a new project


The picture was shocking for the first time seen not only in Macedonia, with a cocktail to mark the end of the heating season and with thank you notes. At first I received it all with disbelief, but when I continued to watch the contributions I realized that it really happened, that the prime minister, instead of launching or starting a project, is holding a cocktail party because the heating season has ended, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristian Mickoski during his visit to Gradsko, asked about the government’s cocktail party.

“The matter is alarming, more than 200 million euros of citizens’ money through transfers from the budget were transferred to AD ESM, formerly ELEM, so that it could barely meet the needs of the economy and citizens with electricity and heating. The business community is barely making ends meet, barely managing to provide funds to pay salaries for employees who thus feed their families because they did not receive any help and support from the Government to deal with the energy crisis. They were left to their own devices,” Mickoski pointed out



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