Bridge near East Gate to be closed for at least one year


The Belasica Bridge could be out of service for up to a year and a half, provided that work on it starts immediately. This means that for a year and a half the people of Skopje will have great difficulties during the traffic rush hour, because those who were going from the Railway station to the East Gate will have to use other bridges, Sitel TV reports.

The dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Professor Markovski, in a statement for Sitel TV, explains that the procedures themselves are long and therefore it will take a lot of time for remediation.

“At the very least, it takes three to four months of intensive and highly skilled work to determine its current state. And, if it is determined that its rehabilitation is needed, then at least half a year is needed to prepare a rehabilitation project, and after that to carry out the rehabilitation. So, it takes a lot of time,” says Professor Markovski.

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