Mickoski: SDS and DUI are abusing the EU, caught alive stealing and intending to profit from the Corridors project


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski points out that in order to make it easier for them to pass the laws of SDS and DUI for corridors 10-d and 8, they misused the so-called EU flag fast-track procedure.

“The Prime Minister says that they built in Europe, that’s why the laws were with the European flag. Therefore, if he is from Europe, it is a guarantee that it is about the European Union, and he does not want to see that this mafia clique is also in Europe, which lives on the labor of the people and plunders it. They abuse the European Union to steal, and they are caught stealing alive. Apple has been caught intending to profit from a project worth several billion euros. And they make mistakes, that’s why they panic,” said opposition leader Mickoski at VMRO-DPMNE ‘s forum in Kumanovo on the topic of Youth policies held on Tuesday.

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