Miloshoski: Kovachevski and Ahmeti have negotiated amnesty with Gruevski, aimed at divisions within VMRO-DPMNE and constitutional changes


VMRO-DPMNE MP and member of the party’s Executive Committee, AntonijoMiloshoski, told a press conference on Wednesday that the Kovachevski and Ahmeti led government has negotiated an amnesty for Gruevski in order for him to influence divisions within VMRO-DPMNE and possibly help them pass the constitutional amendments.

“The changes were negotiated by SDSM, DUI and people from smaller political parties who want divisions in the opposition. Ali Ahmeti also publicly said this statement, intentionally or accidentally, in an interview. In his statement, he stressed that VMRO-DPMNE, headed by Mickoski, neither negotiated nor agreed to the changes in the Criminal Code. With this, a clear distinction was made between those who trade amnesty to reach constitutional changes and VMRO-DPMNE which listens to the will of the people,” said Miloshoski.

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