Adviser tells Gruevski: Can you deny that you asked me to talk to government officials about changes to the Criminal Code?



I watched the Infomax interview with my friend, the former leader of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski. I am very sorry that what I wrote in the open letter the other day has been confirmed, only now I am more worried than then, advisor from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE at the Gazi Baba Municipality AleksandarTrajkovski said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“Can you repeat what you just said on the show to me, looking me in the eye?

Nikola, can you deny that you asked me to make meetings with representatives of the Government where we will talk about changes to the Criminal Code?

It’s pitiful, Nikola, just pitiful. I trusted you for so many years, I risked my own freedom many times believing that I was helping a person who is struggling for Macedonia, but disappointment is growing with each passing day,” said Trajkovski.

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