Funds from the Solidarity Tax Law will go only for anti-crisis measures, claims Besimi


The funds from the Solidarity Tax Law will go only to the P1 program in the Budget for anti-crisis measures, Macedonian Minister of Finance FatmirBesimi pointed out on Tuesday.

The Solidarity Tax Law, as Besimi said in an interview with TV 24, has been published in the Official Gazette along with the Regulations, and the PRO has a notice on their website.

“There is a proper notification and it should be implemented. The legal obligation is clear. The deadline for submitting the forms has been extended by seven days. The law refers to a special tax and is outside the tax system, it is one-time and different from other taxes in our country, that is, it is determined that the funds that will be collected from this public tax will go only to the P1 program that is in the Budget for anti-crisis measures. The calculation methodology is determined exactly and is not based on the tax return, but is a separate document,” said Besimi.

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