There’s evidence that Gruevski submitted amendments to the CC to Ahmeti, Xhaferi and a “third party”, almost the same ones that passed in Parliament, opposition claims


The behavior of former structures of VMRO-DPMNE was very public, two attempts were made to hold an extraordinary congress in the party, the former leader  remained active on social media and had an opinion on many topics, but not on the name, said VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader AleksandarNikoloski in an interview with MRT’s “360 Degrees”.

Nikoloski adds that there is no word on the so-called French proposal until the disclosure of what is happening behind the scenes, hence these discussions are from months ago, there is intensive communication with DUI, there are also contacts with SDSM, but the ideas being discussed are not in favor of the state.

As for evidence, Nikoloski points out, there are two parts.

“One part is, no one intends to be a secret agent and collect evidence, it is not the party’s business, but the former chairman should answer why he had communication with one of the top people of the security structures in Macedonia, and he should also answer from the security structures. The second is political action, when you see that it is coming from several sides and when you see how it is coming,” said Nikoloski.

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