The allocated MKD 140 for a student meal disappears from the card if it is not spent on the same day, claim students


All students who received a student meal card the previous day, and did not use the amount during the day, automatically lose the amount of 140 Macedonian denars(a little more than two euros).

This caused a revolt among the students who say that on the one hand the state gives them MKD 140, and on the other, it takes it from them at midnight if they don’t spend it the same day.

“They should be collected day by day and when we need them they should be used. I have not seen them withdraw. It seems absurd to me, why should they withdraw? But again, MKD 140 does not mean that we will be able to finish any work, it is very little help,” says one of the interviews students.

“I know they have to be used every day and if you don’t use them they will be withdrawn, but I hope they will make a change because MKD 140 is not enough for food,”the students reacted.

The other issue that worries students is that in order to reduce student costs, 140 MKD is too little for the student budget.

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