Mickoski calls for leaders’ meeting over presidential and general elections


There will be elections, whether  prime minister Dimitar Kovachevski likes it or not. Until now, in these more than 3 decades, it has not happened that there is no leaders’ meeting at which dates for those elections will be agreed, it has not happened that there is no leadership meeting at which dates for those elections will be agreed, it has not happened that there are no talks in which the electoral code will be defined because there are technical recommendations from OSCE and ODIHR that need to be implemented, around 12 of them. It did not happen 6 months before the elections that an invitation was sent to the monitoring mission of the OSCE and ODIHR, a date for a caretaker Government should be defined. These are things that Kovachevski wanted or not, they will happen in a few months from now”, stated the leaderof VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski during his visit to Kisela Voda Municipality as part of the “It is important! Changes depend on you!” campaign.

“It is logical to have double elections to reduce the cost because one electoral process is between 7 and 10 million euros that will be spent and now it would be a bit clumsy and incorrect on our part in a crisis, in conditions where half of the population starving and barely making ends meet we are talking about separate electoral processes even more so we can enter a political and constitutional crisis if the presidential elections are not successful and then we are really entering into a serious problem considering that the year 2025 it’s an election year again, we have local elections,” Mickoski stressed.

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