Engineers from several cities express dissatisfaction with the Government’s decision on the Chebren concession


Under the motto “Chebren and the waters must be Macedonian”, at the Stone Bridge in Skopje on SUnday, representatives of the Association of Engineers expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s decision to grant a concession for the use of Crna Reka water for the production of electricity to the Greek company PPC Archirodon. At the same time, in several cities, engineers came out to agreed locations where they left bottles of water as a sign of protest, warning that the wealth of the state was being sold off.

In a statement to the media, Professor Konstantin Dimitrov said that this project should be led by the state and not given to any other state.

“Or, if a partnership is already being made, Macedonia should be at least 51 percent owner, be able to manage, manage and the profit from that should still remain, in general, in Macedonia,” said Dimitrov.

According to the engineers, the Chebren hydropower plant is one of the country’s largest and most important energy projects, and when TPP Oslomej and REC Bitola should stop working in four years due to the green transition, then Chebren should provide the state with energy independence.


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